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Annapolis Billing Serving Physicians since 1995



Annapolis Billing Service can streamline your office staff requirements and remove the need for an in-house billing clerk, which means more time, energy and money you get back! Don't drain your staff with the need for postal and clerical handling. Its all apart of the service we provide!

With Annapolis Billing you receive Empowered Billing, you never feel as if you have given up control over your billing. We work closely with our clients keeping them up to date on our progress. With Annapolis Billing you will see your denial rates improve and regain control over a part of your practice that was once difficult to manage.

Annapolis Billing Services provides billing services for all types of businesses, specializing in the Health Care Industry. We realize every practice is different which is why we fit our method of billing to meet your practice's specific requirements.

Whether you need Medical Billing, Transcription Services, Physician or staff credentialing, or IT Network Support, Annapolis Billing Service offers convenient, full time solutions for your exact needs.