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Revenue Management


Annapolis Billing Service knows that fine tuning each and every element of the billing process is critical to achieving billing and receivable results. Annapolis Billing is proud of our history using GE Centricity and also offers Allscripts Professional, Enterprise and MyWay medical billing and practice management solutions.

Medical practices today face the overwhelming task of trying to stay on top of constantly changing billing and coding rules and requirements. Payers deliberately place as many hurdles as they can in the path of payments in hopes that the billing staff will fail to respond in a timely manner, it at all.

Bottom-line it's your loss and their gain- and they know it.

Our top priority is getting your claims paid correctly the first time they are submitted. So like most physicians, we believe in prevention. By streamlining charge submission using our claim verification system and our in house medical coder, we significantly improve claim quality prior to submission and dramatically reduce the number of denials.