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Key billing concepts for your medical billing service


 Key Ideas to look for in your billing company

While some companies make blanket claims that they are the “best” billing company for all practices. ABS takes the approach that each company, just like each medical practice, is unique in it’s own ways and that the two must match each other to correctly achieve the best possible outcomes. From management perspectives to operational procedures, customer support and Practice Management Systems, there are a many differences to consider.  We suggest making sure that the company you chose matches your desires in the following areas:

Ability to maximize revenue

Sure, all billing services say they will maximize revenues, but how confident are you that the companies you are considering can actually do it? Take every function of the billing process as well as the people who perform the work into consideration.

Follow-up Protocols

This may seem similar to the above, but it is so important (in our opinion) that it deserves its own category. How do they perform insurance and patient follow-up functions, and how in-line are these processes with your ideal expectations?

Stability and Size

Look at the entire spectrum and everything in between. Are you dealing with a “mom and pop” shop and the associated risks? Does the opposite end of the spectrum better suit you? Is the company subject to the whims of venture capitalists and investors? Are they profitable? Are they going to be around to serve you in the long term? No answer is right or wrong, but they need to be compared to your expectations and desires.


While the ability to maximize revenue is most important, you should also choose a company that provides you with a practice management system that comfortably suits your needs in a variety of ways such as appointment scheduling, data transfer, patient tracking, and reporting. Systems should be highly accessible, user-friendly, and have extremely high-level functionality. You may also want to make sure that the system provided can seamlessly work hand-in-hand with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems both now and in the future.

Internal Structure

The internal structure of the organization should be conducive to both maximizing reimbursement and to customer service.  Determine if they use billing “assembly lines”, or if they have a one-on-one or small team approach. Make sure the company structure makes sense to you and meets your expectations.

Level of Experience

It is important to note not only the experience of the company, but also the experience levels of the actual specialists, supervisors, and managers who will work on your account.

Billing Service Internal Procedures

You can often tell a lot about a billing company by their internal procedures and protocols. Believe it or not, many don’t have any. Ask what type of quality control initiatives they have in place. See if these initiatives are formalized.

Customer Service

There is not a salesperson in the world who won’t tell you that the company they represent has the best customer service. So dig deeper. Ask about policies. Speak to references. Most importantly, make sure the structure of the company does not hinder your access to the specialists who actually perform work on your behalf.


Make sure that data regarding billing is available to you at all times. That means charge data, payments, outstanding claims, user notes and follow-up detail should only be a few clicks away. This level of transparency ensures that you can audit your billing service and maintain complete control over your practice.

HIPAA and OIG Compliancy

Make sure that your billing service has a formal and correct HIPAA and OIG compliance policy. This is essential in ensuring security for both you and your patients.

Patient Relations

Different billing companies treat patient billing and calls in different ways. Check into the procedures and tactics used to collect payment from your valued patients. They should not only be effective, but should also reflect the manner in which you want your patients treated.

Overseas Considerations

Many billing companies have their back office (actual billing) performed overseas. Are you comfortable that overseas billers directly control your future earnings? Are you comfortable with them speaking with your patients? There is no right or wrong answer, but just make certain that what is offered is consistent with your expectations. Want to know where we stand on the topic? All of our billing is in house and no overseas billing.

Workflow Changes

Ask yourself if your practice is going to have to completely change the way you function just to accommodate your billing service, or if they are willing to work with the way you operate. A billing company should have options, which integrate seamlessly with your practice’s processes and not require significant change or realignment. ABS reviews your office practice before bringing you on as a client, we make sure we're a match. We adopt to your practice needs and ideas.

Allscripts conversions from MyWay to Professoinal

Are you confused and don't want to change your Allscripts MyWay to ALLscripts Professional?

Are you being told you must? Call Annapolis Billing Services and we can help you understand your choices. Yes we can work with both, but why retrain your staff. You have choices.


Like many of our Allscripts MyWay clients are offered an upgrade through Allscript’s. If you are experiencing difficulties merging to Allscripts Professional, please contact our office to discuss our alliance with the local Aprima office.

Our Allscripts clients, together with Annapolis Billing Service experience high levels of experience in areas of training and implementation. So inspite of what you read with Allscripts, you don't have to switch programs, Aprima offers upgrades and the use of the same Allscripts MyWay program you and your staff already are using.

Annapolis Billing Service celebrates the Grand Opening of our new Allscript office

 Annapolis Billing celebrates the Grand Opening of our New Allscript Office!

We are very excited to announce the opening of the Annapolis branch of Allscripts MyWay, Professional and Enterprise versions. Our new office is conveniently located near the intersection of North Bestgate and Ridgely at Route 50 in Annapolis, Maryland.

We'd love for you to come by and meet Steve Kousouris, our president, meet Stephanie Potter, our Allscripts Team expert on all versions of Allscript and take a tour of our new office. 


You Need Annapolis Billing If?


1.    You are losing money because of your current billing approach.

2.    Your billing staff does not have procedures in place to ensure 

      timely follow up on ALL insurance claims.

3.    You do not understand the factors that affect your revenue

4.    You are uncertain if all services provided are being billed.

5. You are uncertain if claims are being paid correctly.

6.    You are losing money because insurance denials and underpayments

        are not aggressively followed.

7.      You are writing off accounts because of past timely filing issues.
You are losing money because your billing staff is not

         adequately trained in medical billing and collection.

8..    You do not have essential information readily available to properly analyze and manage your practice.

9.    You do not receive accurate and useful management reports.

10..    You do not have information available to facilitate negotiations'

         for the best possible contracts for your practice.



MedChi Presidential Gala

Annapolis Billing Services president Steve Kousouris and Market Director, Susan Buckingham will be attending the MedChi Presidential Gala being held at the Maryland Science Center on October 20th. MedChi inauguration will take place at 7:00 pm for Dr. Brian Alvin who will serve as their new president.

Annapolis Billing Service is a member of MedChi Affinity Program that offers significant discounts to Health Care professionals and providers and attends conferences and Trade Shows offered by MedChi.

For more information on attending the Presidential Gala, please contact Catherine Johannesen [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]