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Expert Medical Coder *


 Medical practice today, more than ever before, places greater demands on physicians to see more patients, provide more complex medical services and adhere to stricter regulatory rules, leaving little time for the physician and office staff for medical coding.

Yet, the need to adequately document medical records, appropriately apply billing codes and accurately charge insurers for medical services is essential to the medical practice's financial condition.

Many physicians rely on office staff and billing companies to process their medical bills without ever reviewing the bills before they are submitted for payment. Some physicians may not be receiving the payment they deserve when they do not sufficiently oversee the medical practice's coding and billing patterns.

Annapolis Billing Service offers a full time staff medical coder to review any questionable codes before they are sent to the insurance company. This saves our physicians both time and money.

Outsourcing your medical billing to Annapolis Billing just makes good sense.