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Stage 2 Meaningful –Help from GE Centricity

Stage 2 Meaningful –Help from GE Centricity

Navigating the 639 pages that were released in February for the proposed Stage 2 Meaningful Use regulations is a daunting task. GE Centricity has gathered some important data in an informative webinar with Mark Segal PhD, Vice President for Government and Industry Affairs at GE Healthcare and Peter Basch, MD, Medical Director, Ambulatory EHR and Health Information Technology Policy at MedStar Health.

Dr. Segal will provide an overview of the proposed regulations, what they mean and how GE Healthcare can help you through the transition, and Dr. Basch, the leader of an institution where several practicing physicians have already attested to Meaningful Use Stage 1, will share his insights on the proposed regulations and how he is preparing his organization for the next stage.

View the webinar  What to Expect in Meaningful Use Stage 2 today because while navigating Meaningful Use is important, building your best practice to help streamline your patient visits and improve your office efficiency is your end goal.



Annapolis Billing and Allscripts- A perfect Match!

Allscripts  and Annapolis Billing Services helps you master the balancing act between scheduling and allocating resources to streamline your operations—increasing profitability, increasing revenue and cash flow.


Allocate precious resources to make the most of each day. Handle cancellations, emergency visits and waiting lists with ease.  The intuitive interface provides color-coding, overbooking protection, location tracking and more, enabling practice-wide control of appointments and schedules. Annapolis Billing verifies that patients that were seen billing is executed immediately, most within 24 hours of the visit.

Patient Demographics

Build complete patient records that capture all the key details of your patients. Now, combine that into one comprehensive profile that seamlessly integrates the clinical and accounting sides of your business. With Annapolis Billing experts verifying data, medical codes and fast submission, your practice profitability increases!

Accounting and Billing

Based on clinical coding and services performed, we can capture charges and perform billing entries almost immediately.  Automate adjustments to keep charge entries and accounts receivable accurate, and build a complete audit trail to safeguard the financial side of your practice. Annapolis Billing- Polishes your Practice!

Allscripts offers live webinars at various times throughout the day. Click  here to register for a webinar. Our Allscripts division  and expert staff is available to serve the needs our physicans. Call 410-266-1588 ext 427 or Email Susan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we can serve you and your practice.  


GE Centricity Practice Management Software and EMR

State of the art Practice Management Software from General Electric is based on industry standard SQL Server Database from Microsoft Corp. Intuitive in its design and extensive in its capabilities, Centricity allows you to manage your billing and receivable function in a completely paperless manner.

For all Revenue management service clients, ABS provides the initial software program for a small monthly licensing fee. ABS also provides web based access to client’s data without any expense.

Annapolis Billing’s Centricity division has been a reseller of Centricity software for many years and has extensive expertise in support and maintenance functions. For clients who wish to take care of their own billing and collection functions Centricity adds significantly to the ease and speed of operation.


About Centricity Practice Solution

Centricity Practice Solution contains a robust EMR and Practice Management (PM) Module that transform your practice. This intuitive EMR software will keep you informed with the right information, at the right time, and easily integrates into your practice. With it your office will streamline its workflow, reduce operating costs, and accelerate the revenue cycle.

Streamline Workflow

Centricity Practice Solution is designed with extensive input from users to streamline the EMR workflow in physician offices and integrate into your practice with minimal disruption.

Reduce Operating Costs

Centricity Practice Solution PM combines patient registration, claims, and billing into one system, along with an integrated EDI system delivering a comprehensive payer list of claims, remits, and eligibility, and positions you to be ready for ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 requirements so that claims are processed seamlessly.

Accelerate the Revenue Cycle

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards and tools help monitor every aspect of your revenue cycle, from accounts receivable to insurance claims and billing using live data and customizable layouts.

To watch a brief video on Centricity Practice Management Solutions click here. 

  Or  Call Susan at 410-266-1588 ext 427 or  Email Susan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an in office demostration of Centricity Practice Solution.