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Are you losing money because of your current billing approach?


Are you losing money because of your current billing approach?

Trust a company that is responsive to your individual needs.

Annapolis Billing Service was founded with a fundamental premise that client service is our first and foremost priority.

It is what sets us apart from others in our profession. It is what matters most to our clients and we achieve it by placing our client's best interest at the center of all we do.


Our commitment is to partner with you, our client, by DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

We have established well defined systems that facilitate the timely and accurate billing and collection of practice revenue.

ABS clearly understands the needs of each individual client; we can take the steps to ensure thatsystems are set up properly at the beginning of the relationship.


Revenue Management

Annapolis Billing Service knows that fine tuning each and every element of the billing process is critical to achieving billing and receivable results. Medical practices today face the overwhelming task of trying to stay on top of constantly changing billing and coding rules and requirements. Payers deliberately place as many hurdles as they can in the path of payments in hopes that the billing staff will fail to respond in a timely manner, if at all.

Bottom-line- it's your loss and their gain- and they know it!

Poor Performance in any aspect of the billing cycle can result in denied claims, decreased collection and inflated accounts receivable.