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Annapolis Billing Service Equals Fast Payment for Claims


Since the 1990's, Annapolis Billing has provided medical coding verification and electronic medical billing services, Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance processing, physician billing and collection, and expert revenue management. Annapolis Billing offers our physicians the expertise of the best medical billing staff in the mid-Atlantic region. Expert at filing appeals and denials, Annapolis Billing gets you paid fast.


For example, our coding verification process allows for a minimal amount of rejected claims and the fast submission of "clean claims". In fact, your organization will benefit from our industry best average which is less than 1% rejected claims.


Our services are user-friendly, web based and reporting is accessible to you 24/7. Annapolis Billing Services will customize reporting to meet the needs of your individual practice. Your practice medical claims are processed fast and you receive your funds faster than industry standards. Annapolis Billing Services – Navigating Your Billing Needs!