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IT Network and EMR Solutions


Frustrated with your company software? Don't have the time or energy to spend on trying to make it all work together.
Annapolis Billing provides solutions to your EMR Software and Computer problems!

Our web – based soft ware is completely secure and password protected for confidentiality of practice and patient information. All you need is a computer and internet and you will have up to the minute access to patient scheduling, patient information, charges and payments, and management reports. You can access our secure server from your office, hospital, or home – any time!

Maximize return on your investment – Our professionals do the best to understand and adapt to your systems to fulfill each client’s unique requests. We are able to work with already in - place IT Support Structures on an as needed basis for project style support!

Customize a unique plan – We meet with each of our clients to discuss their needs and expectations, extensively evaluate their current system and plans, and fill the service and support gaps in order to keep their business running flawlessly.

Cost efficient systems – With ABS, there are no up front service expenses or large servers to buy. Don’t drain your budget with these expenses. Let ABS take care of all your IT and Support needs!

Monthly Subscription – We provide a managed service with a simple monthly subscription. All installation is fast and centrally monitored. Our managed applications and devices can generate tickets, alerts, and even prioritize them within your system!


Medical Credentialing Services

Medical Credentialing Services for Physicians, CRNP, Facilities and other Medical Professionals.

Physicians are among some of the busiest professionals, and the time involved for credentialing is overwhelming. The headaches and paper work to renew Physicians Medical, DEA and CDS Licenses can be eliminated with Annapolis Billing's Credentialing Service.

Our Staff members are experts in the field and know how to avoid                           mistakes and pitfalls that cause many medical staff members to stumble on           credentialing errors.

Physician credentialing and re-credentialing is crucial and necessary for the physician to continue to practice and be reimbursed for their services.

Annapolis Billing Service can save you a lot of time and energy by not having to deal with the problems and issues related to credentialing.

Our service streamlines the process for you, saving you valuable staff time and money, but best of all- Annapolis Billing Service can do it right and get it done fast!

Annapolis Billing Service uses the most up to date process and technology to submit credentialing paperwork in order to get processed quickly.Our clients are updated on the paperwork we submit, so they know when to expect approval.



ABS Medical Billing Services


Fewer Headaches, Less Time Managing- Annapolis Billing Service takes the burden off your staff and ensures you get reimbursed. You can stop worrying about the under-payment from insurance carriers, coding errors and claims not reimbursed. As specialist using GE Centricity and Allscripts Professional, Allscripts Enterprise and Allscripts MyWay we get your claims processed and paid quickly. Annapolis Billing Service provides the necessary tools for you to manage your practice, such as Cash-Flow to the practice through the following medical billing services:

  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Denial Follow Up
  • ProcessingPayment Posting
  • Superbill Posting

Revenue-Cycle Management- Revenue Cycle Management requires more commitment now more than ever before. Our experienced billing staff will provide you with practice tools such as:

  • Analyzing Charge Capture
  • Reviewing Medical Codes
  • Monitoring Adjustments
  • Keeping Updates On All Changes in Coding and Legislation

Patient Financial Services - Annapolis Billing provides:

  • Billing and Collection
  • Credit and Collection Policies
  • Monthly Patient Statements and Collection Letters
  • Detailed Reporting customized for your practice