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You Need Annapolis Billing If?


1.    You are losing money because of your current billing approach.

2.    Your billing staff does not have procedures in place to ensure 

      timely follow up on ALL insurance claims.

3.    You do not understand the factors that affect your revenue

4.    You are uncertain if all services provided are being billed.

5. You are uncertain if claims are being paid correctly.

6.    You are losing money because insurance denials and underpayments

        are not aggressively followed.

7.      You are writing off accounts because of past timely filing issues.
You are losing money because your billing staff is not

         adequately trained in medical billing and collection.

8..    You do not have essential information readily available to properly analyze and manage your practice.

9.    You do not receive accurate and useful management reports.

10..    You do not have information available to facilitate negotiations'

         for the best possible contracts for your practice.