Annapolis Billing's Cash Flow Solutions


ABS Revenue Cycle and Our Proven Process:

Billing: Rapid and accurate electronic delivery to commercial and government carriers. Constant evaluation of CPT coding to maximize reimbursement and prevent denials.

Posting: Track and post patient charges, payments and adjustments. All payments are always sent directly to the            location based on the requirement of the physician.

Collections: Annapolis Billing  will aggressively pursue patient and insurance collectibles. Underpayment and discrepancies are always reviewed an acted upon immediately.

Reports: In addition to having 24x7 accesses to view receivable status, we provide monthly reporting which will be delivered by our accounting team. Reports include a summary of charges, payments, adjustments, aging analysis procedure code details and a monthly breakdown by each Physician and their location. (Our team can also provide additional customized reports to your practice needs)

Plus an accomplished member of our billing team is on hand to answer all of your questions and any questions from your patients.

Our team will provide training, guidance and support to improve your back office operations. We  partner with our physicians practice!